Diversity Athletics Society

Your playground is for playing all day.

Participating in sport creates discipline and helps athletes form healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Every athlete should have the opportunity to pursue their chosen sport when given the chance. Whenever possible. 

Diversity Athletics Society (Non-profit organization) provides support focused on unity in sports, mentorship and resources to youth facing social, cultural, economic or other barriers to their entry and advancement in high – or elite-level sport and/or athletics; we work with governing bodies and organizations to achieve the goals of the organization.

For the past 20 years our directors have worked as on-ice hockey instructors and development coaches for athletes in a number of sports. We have been honored to be a part of  great local clubs to coach Hockey (Male & Female), FC/Soccer, baseball, Lacrosse, ringette and Football


Our support system is inclusive for all. Our collective goal is to bring all athletes together in sport. 


To provide all athletes, coaches, officials, spectators, members of the organization, and venue employees, with the right to an environment free of racial discrimination, harassment & bias of any kind.

To address teams with incidences of racism and discrimination giving them guidance support and education to overcome these issues. 

To ensure equity and equality are at the forefront of every event hosted by the organization

Athletics works, when we work together.

Working with athletes to define their blueprint in their sport. With courage, we help athletes build confidence to work towards their goals. 

Like most things, sports has its ups and downs. Athletes will always bounce back and propel themselves in any given situation with support and guidance to overcome all challenges.

With our close ties to the community, we’re uniquely positioned to help raise funds that support local programs and initiatives for athletes to participate and develop. Are you or someone you know in need of support? We can help in a variety of ways.

The benefits of sports and physical activity in a child’s life are well documented. Diversity Athletics Society exists to make sure that all athletes are afforded the opportunity to play.

The world of youth sports has needs for all athletes in many areas. Some families require support with sports gear, leagues fees, travel costs, guidance and most importantly mentorship. Sports often finds many kids left behind on the sidelines when their needs are not addressed.

Diversity Athletics Society drives equitable access in youth sports by working with organizations and communities serving athletes of various ages with individual needs.

We know that kids who play do better. By supplying families and youth organizations with the gear they need, overhead costs are cut and more resources become available, helping  athletes stay connected to their communities through sport.


Development is a process that creates growth, progress, positive change. Diversity Athletics Society believe strongly in athlete development on the field, in the locker room, on the ice, on the track and in the classroom. Participation in sports helps young athletes as they positively interact with the peers. 


Mentorship is the influence, guidance, or direction given by a mentor. Diversity Athletics Society will always support young athletes as they navigate through the many phases of their development. Through sport personal growth is the greatest achievement. 


Confidence is a state of being, having trust in one’s self, a feeling of trust in abilities, qualities, and judgment. Diversity Athletics Society work with athletes to build and maintain confidence through development and mentorship.