Diversity Athletics Society


Born in London England and growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba Mark developed a passion for sports. Track & field, soccer and football while hockey was a huge part of the winters and ODR (Outdoor Rinks) at -20. As Mark grew older the passion for hockey rose to the surface and development followed.  

Since 2000, Mark has donated thousands of hours to coach young athletes in a number of sports (Soccer, Football, baseball, Lacrosse, Ringette and Hockey – Male and Female). At which time, he had the pleasure to mentor and develop athletes with diverse backgrounds to help them advance in their chosen sport. During this time he opened his home to athletes from Europe to participate in international Rugby competition in British Columbia.


In 2012, he dedicated his time to developing hockey players in a number of age groups, U6 to U20, WHL (Western Hockey League), NCAA Division 1. As a Minor hockey board member, Director of Communications and hockey Provincial Championships Chairman he continued to support athletes in amateur sports. In 2020, Mark added PEP (Power Edge Pro) to his development and work with a wide range of athletes throughout western Canada. Married with three children, Mark has had the pleasure to coach his children while playing high level sports. He continues to train and mentor athletes in Canada and the US. 

Randy Bakker

VP of Operations

Born and raised in Sask. Randy is 1-5 siblings growing up in Saskatoon.   Randy has been involved in many sports throughout his life.  He excelled at several sports but ended up pursuing basketball with a full scholarship to play at the USA college level.   Upon completion of his 4 years of collegiate basketball and graduating from University, Randy had a successful career playing professional basketball in Europe.  


When Randy returned to British Columbia he began his career in Policing, he’s still a fulltime police officer with over 28 years’ experience & several commendations.  Randy has been involved in hockey since 2012 working as a volunteer minor hockey coach for both male and female hockey teams.  


Later in 2016,  Randy began teaching on ice hockey skill development (Power Edge Pro),   since then he has had the honor and privileged of teaching skill development to players from minor hockey up to and including Pro NHL players.  Such as Connor Bedard, Jujhar Khaira and many others.  Randy is married and has two teenage children that play at the CSSHL Hockey Academy levels.    


Paul Dunn

VP of Player Development

Paul has spent many years developing hockey players. As a PEP instructor he has spends countless hours with athletes across the province. His attention to detail pushes players to open up the creative side of their game. Paul continues to develop young athletes in the BCEHL, CSSHL, WHL NCAA and NHL. Married with three children, Paul has played a key role in the development of his children who all play in the CSSHL. He continues to train and mentor athletes through the path expected of them in the sport. 

Sean Peach

VP of Education

Sean has a long history in athletics and as a hockey player. He attended the University of Michigan and named team captain. His passion for coaching and mentoring young athletes is a part of Sean’s daily life.


Sean has been an advisor at Sunlife Financial for over 16 years. As Diversity Athletic Society V.P of Education he brings the same focus from his professional life and passes it along to athletes who  benefit. Sean understands the successful balance between school and sport that that gives young athletes the experienced support they require when looking at life next steps. 


Sean was a professional hockey player fortunate enough to experience the value of having a great coach in his corner. As an Advisor at Sunlife he helps his clients see their vision and develop a strategy and a winning game plan. The athletes Sean supports receive the same attention to detail in their development; promoting positive growth.